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Povo Pankararu [Pankararu People]

About the work ‘Evaporation’

Aislan’s drawings, like the one from ‘Evaporation’ series, bring pictorial elements from Pankararu people’s body painting, finding in his work the dynamic suggested in its title. To reach the evaporation process, one step of the water cycle from the liquid state into gas, the movement provoked by molecules’ temperature must be always enough to overcome the superficial tension of substances. In Aslan 's drawings, this surmounting of  tension becomes the conductor string of the series, the idea of a liberation through the dissolution of fragments.

About the work ‘Excitation of dry clay’


In ‘Excitation of dry clay’, elements of the artist 's origin become visible. Pankararu people are inhabitant of the sertão (a dry region of Northeast Brazil), in Pernambuco. They have the “terreiros” (yards) as a space to concentrate part of their festivities. It is the stage for the dance of "Encantados" (“enchanted”, the central figures in their cosmology), wearing the “praiás” - an assemblage of skirt and mask made of the oricuri (Syagrus coronata) fiber. According to Aislan, the yards are very important to maintain Pankararu’s tradition alive. Even the dust obtained from these yards after the celebration of rituals is the symbol of protection. Thus, the dry clay from the yards are exalted in his people’s rituals and dances, embodied through the golden bright that comes from Aislan ’s paintings.

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